Saturday, April 26, 2008


And no, I am not trying to be a pirate. It's just my attitude these days. The only word I can describe myself with is pissy. And, I don't normally use that word. But if the shoe this case, if the word fits. This blog may be a pity party/ gripe fest but Allison said she was ready for an update, so here it is.

* The kids at school are quickly going from bad to worse. They can't walk in a line, they NEVER close their mouths, they do what they want to do when they want to do it, they think I should not make them miss recess if they finish their homework before we go (misunderstanding of the word home in homework).It has been this way all year but they have yet to follow any rules we have set for them then and now. And when it comes to this last part of the year I have to get grumpier as they get rowdier. They'll probably go to 6th grade hating me. All I can say is - oh well. (Please note that I do have some sweet kids who always follow the rules and I thank them for that.) Science TAKS is Thursday, which the state thinks kids should make a 78% to pass. So much for no-child-left-behind. If a normal passing grade is 70%, why would they set the bar so high? That is expecting all kids to be almost "B" quality and some just aren't. It's very frustrating. I will be so glad when this test is over so we can move on to the fun stuff, that is if they behave long enough for me to be able to do this with them.

* My kids at home are growing up so fast and they, too, have minds of their own. Clayson never buckles up anymore and Ashlyn is quick to tattle on him. This starts world war III in my car, I gripe at Clayson and he gripes at Ashlyn. Trey puts his two-cents in sometimes and then we are all involved. I have things to ground them from, finally. They like Guitar Hero and their skateboards. On a pretty day I can take away their motorcycles. I cannot wait for all of them have a room that I can send them to. In this shack, if I send them to their room, they are in my room and less than 100 feet away from me downstairs.

* Building a house is a lot of fun but there are the finances that married couples sometimes disagree about. Jared and I have been doing great; communicating, making decisions, enjoying the progress. But last night we put the numbers on paper and ouch! We spontaneously decided to throw in 700 feet upstairs, which will include two bedrooms, a bathroom and a gameroom. Before that we had room to work with but now that the upstairs has been added, we will have to really watch our numbers to stay within the projected loan amount. There's nothing either one of us want to sacrifice. There are certain things that we each want in certain areas and at this point, we want the best of the best. As we progress, things may change. We sat down and worked on it last night and figured out everything will be fine (especially after two lexapro), we just have to stay within the allowance for each part of the construction. (We now have a house that is completely framed with windows and they are putting on the shingles.If my USB port worked, I could upload pictures.)

I should not be so grumpy. I have so many more things to be thankful for than the things I have to be grumpy about. It's just been one of those weeks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Straight hair

Ashlyn asked me tonight if she would have "straight curly hair" when she grows up and when I told her yes, she was upset because she wants it to be just straight. I told her maybe she would have straight hair and she wondered if God would make it straight. I told her that He might and she said she would ask Him.

"Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:4

I hope to learn to come to Jesus like a child, depending on Him for everything from the hair on our head to our lifelong decisions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friends Forever

I have the greatest friends ever! Recently I made a decision to forgive a friend for something that happened almost four years ago. I may have turned many of my friends against her because of my hurt and anger. I felt it was time to also right my wrong. I emailed my closest friends, ones that were affected, and told them of my decision and apologized for coming between them. I need to be forgiven of things I have said, the attitide I have had and for having such a hard heart for all these years. Here are some of the responses I got in return.

Goodness! I know you must feel relieved. It is absolutely draining to keep/nurture negative feelings towards someone that you once truly cared about. No one is perfect and it really does take a bigger person to forgive. I am glad that this no longer weighs on your mind;-) Jenny Jou Jen

I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU STEPHANIE!!! You are a wonderful person.
I know how hard that was for you. I need to be more like you.
Love you......


I would never be mad at that kind of decision. You should not hold grudges when you think the person has changed. You are a best friend of mine and I will ALWAYS back you up... You can count on that!!!!!

I am so proud of you. You are so right. That is the right decision. I am glad to be your friend. Jennifer

You go girl! I need some of your forgiveness too!! Cindy

You're my best friend, too....I'll give you a shout out... Allison

Now you see why I can honestly say I have the greatest circle of friends!

I cannot take back things I have said but I am learning to tame my tongue. Jesus says, "I will forgive their wrongdoing and never again remember their sin." Jeremiah 31:34. This is what makes Jesus so perfect and us so imperfect. It is easier to forgive than forget. To know Jesus forgives and forgets is powerful!
Thank you friends for loving me through my imperfect moments. I cannot express to you what your friendship means to me. I love you all so much.

Love, Me

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twas the night before TAKS...

Although I was not the one taking the 5th grade math TAKS test today, I felt like I needed a good nights sleep, a good breakfast and needed a good start to the day. (I may not have taken the test but 50 tests were taken that will reflect on my teaching. So, it is enough pressure to wear a teacher down.)

Ashlyn had a stomach ache yesterday at her Nana's. I figured that she had eaten too much at Furrs and was feeling the bloat. She hardly eats at home but she will tear up some drumsticks, vegetables and fruit there. She spent a lot of time on the potty without any luck. Her Nana called me a little later and said that she had thrown up and she seemed to feel better. I was relieved. I told Jared that no matter what, I could not miss work and he would have to stay home with her if she did not get better. Ashlyn came home and went to bed after a warm bath. She was sleeping good until I got to sleep. She would wake up crying out and moaning. Every time I got up she would stop. But you know how it goes. The one time I decided to wait it out, she started throwing up. In the bed. It wasn't bad and she never even knew it. Neither did Jared for that matter. She fell fast asleep, on the other end of the bed, and slept the rest of the night.

1:15 a.m. - I can finally get some sleep.

2:15 a.m. - I hear feet moving.

I sit up and see Trey sleepwalking to the stairs. "TREY," I shouted. Jared was startled and he sat up and we were both yelling " TREY, TREY". It was like we were in slow motion and could not get up. Something made Trey halt and not go down the stairs, which would not have been a pleasant fall. He never woke up. He could not even get into our bed he was so asleep. He is notorious for talking in his sleep and sitting up to do it. It's a little unnerving. So, I was so shaken up by what could have happened and uncomfortable with the three of us in a full size bed that I barely got any sleep. I woke up tired and cranky. No time for breakast.

I know that my students will make me proud though :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Matrimonial Testimonial

Things are going great at the Davis household.
*Parenting has become more of a partnership. Instead of me pointing things out to Jared, he has become aware of behaviors that are in need of attention.
* Conversations are on the rise. We enjoy talking on the phone and at home about our lives and, of course, about the house.
* Awareness is evident. I try to keep the laundry area clean because it is in Jared's shop and he likes to keep the shop clean. He, in turn, will wash dishes and keep things straightened up on the inside because he knows I like to keep the house picked up. So, we try to help each other out and there is no nagging taking place. It makes for great team work.
* We are saving money for the house ,which means staying home more, which translates into eating out less and no unnecessary shopping. It's been hard but I like to know there is money in the bank when it comes to getting new things for the house.
* No fighting, arguing or blaming. Things just seem so much more at ease and the kids are happy. Now, home (in the love shack) is not a place I dread being. In fact, I have become quite the homebody.

* A verse I came across recently is:
O LORD, my strength and my stronghold, and my refuge in the day of distress... Jeremiah 16:19

I am a walking marriage miracle. I have been through the valley of the shadow of death (a marriage dying) but I am no longer in that valley thanks to Jesus!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easter 2008

Short sleeve shirts with shorts for Clayson and Trey. Sleeveless polka dot dress for Ashlyn. Forecast 57 degrees. Wouldn't you know it. At least they had taken rain out of the forecast.
This is the day moms always hope to get a good picture of the kids all dressed up. Clayson's scowl makes it well known that he despises pictures, Trey likes to be silly but Ashlyn is always ready to strike a pose. This is as good as it gets with the Davis kids.
We spent the afternoon at my mom's enjoying lunch with the famly, an Easter egg hunt despite the chill and then back inside for some reminiscing / confessions around the table. Did it really matter how much candy the kids were eating or that they were outside unsupervised? Nah, we were enjoying getting to sit and talk while the kids were enjoying their freedom.

Now, where is my last cadbury egg...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If at first you don't blog,

blog, blog again.

Things I need to blog about:

* Finish Walt Disney World stories.
Hmmph, I am tired of these. I know I need to capture the memories. Procrastination.
* Easter.
Mainly just to share photos.
* Getting ready for Kindergarten.
The dr. visit. Kindergarten round-up.
* Ashlyn, Clayson and Trey.
* House update
* Matrimonial testimonial
* New additions to the blogs I heart.
What I have found while adventuring through other blogs.

I told you I like to make lists! I am getting too wrapped up in wanting to share / record things going on in my life. I enjoy it so much. It is the writing that I love to do!