Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the living is easy

It's summertime and the living is easy. It's about to get even easier as I wrap up my final day of teaching summer school tomorrow. Baseball season is over for me and the boy (or so I thought... now he tells me that his oldest son will be playing in Mesquite for a couple of weeks - oh well, there are good places to eat in Mesquite and places to shop. It's all good.) The kids and I are in a good routine of going back and forth between their dad and I. We are all getting quality time with them and making things work. It has been great to see Clayson, Trey and Ashlyn so happy and well adjusted. I know that it's because they see how happy we are in our new lives. We have both moved on and found happiness and the result is three happy children.

My dad told me last week that I needed new tires or a new car ... the result, a new SUV that gets double the gas mileage and costs half the price to fill up with gas. Clayson has washed and vacuumed the new car and is forcing me to buy better speakers. He promises me he will not argue with me or his brother if I will get some "kickers". Joey heard him say that so we will be holding him accountable. He is becoming a teenager and I am so glad to have him for a son, he's my little man of the house.

It's time to plan another birthday party for Ashlyn, I can't believe that she is turning seven on Saturday. She has enjoyed her lazy mornings, Science camp this week and looks forward to VBS next week. I have recently noticed how much she talks - the girl never shuts up :0)

Trey is just being Trey - sleeping late, talking about football and basketball camps but not really motivated to go and doing as little as possible every single day. He's my sweet one and always gives me the greatest hugs with a huge crooked teeth smile. He is hounding me about getting braces. He went to a swimming party last week with all girls - Clayson called him gay, I corrected him and told him that Trey was a stud :0)

My brother married an amazing girl last weekend and the wedding was just perfect. Megan was a gorgeous bride and will be the sister that I have always wanted. The reception was a lot of fun - hanging with family, friends and getting our groove on out on the dance floor. Joey was a trooper getting to meet everyone at once. He's a people person so events don't bother him, he doesn't meet a stranger.

Speaking of the boy, we are having so much fun together. People want to know if we are going to get married and what the plans are, but the truth of the matter is that yes, we like each other a lot, but as far as the future - why worry about tomorrow, today has enough worries of it's own. Dwelling on what might happen tends to take the fun out of it and we have so much fun together that we would hate to mess up a good thing. We spend time together every day, we talk, we text, (we watch the Bachelorette) and most importantly we are always laughing. He has his friends, I have friends and we all get along real well. He has his kids, I have my kids and we never mind doing things with all of them. It's a very well-rounded relationship and he keeps me smiling and looking forward to new adventures. It's fun, it's new, it's exciting, it's real, it's simple.

Things are going great at the parent's house but I will say that I was happy to see them framing up the new house today. They promise me that I will be in before school starts. I will post pictures of the construction soon.

So, there you have it. Things are good and they just keep getting better ... and easier.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

current events

(first, you'll be reading the blog I never finished and uploaded last week - better late than never)
Nobody likes a bragger but maybe there is a fine line between being a bragger and being a proud momma. I’m going to stay right along that line and tell of some proud moments I have recently experienced.

*CLAYSON (6th grade)
- commended on Math TAKS
- perfect score on Reading TAKS
- 4 times at bat, 4 hits
- is a force at 3rd base

* TREY (4th grade)
- commended on Math TAKS
- commended on Reading TAKS
- quick little runner (his coach’s wife refers to him as a roadrunner and says “beep, beep” anytime he is up at bat, this always cracks us up)

* ASHLYN (1st grade)
- Academic award: All areas
- Principal’s Award for the entire first grade at Martin Elementary for her hard work, helping others to be successful, and being compassionate

So, there you have it. My kids have been shining stars in my eyes this past week. (Not that they aren’t always, but this week they have shown accomplishments in an area that means a lot to me, their education.)


Last weekend was just fabulous. We had a break from baseball, a three day weekend and great times together with friends, with kids and together with the kids and the friends.
Friday night was Joey's son's graduation so Rhonda and I went to the graduation with him and then a big group of us went to dinner afterwards. (This graduating class was from my second year of teaching. I'm starting to feel old.)
Saturday, I got up early to try and beat the heat with a couple of baseball team pictures and then it was off to Rockwall to take bridal pictures of my soon-to-be sister-in-law. She was absolutely stunning and in just a couple of weeks I'll be able to show off her pictures. She made my job easy. Saturday night, I took the kids to their dad and Joey and I went to a pool party with some friends. I ended up realizing that the host was someone that I had gone on a blind date with my senior year. That was funny. Small world.
Sunday, I went to church and did some shopping. Sunday night we went over to some friends for a cookout and enjoyed sitting around the table chattin' it up. It wasn't long before we realized that going rolling sounded like a great way to end the night. Three houses later, we made it back with an empty trash bag and lots of laughter thinking back on the pranks. The kids love this and it brings back good memories from back in the day.
Monday, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a trip to the great outdoors with Joey, the kids and the Posey's. We went to Tyler State Park and had such a great time. All three of my kids enjoyed swimming, jumping into the lake (sometimes I wonder if Ashlyn is my child with her willingness to take risks) and it might have been the boys' first time to get to cruise in the back of a truck. We drove through the park looking for the rope swing to swing into the lake and they sat in the back with the wind blowing through their hair like they just don't care. The rope was cut so they wandered the trails and learned how to bring earthworms to the top of the soil. No one was ready to leave but with the last day of school ahead of us, we had to load up and head west back to C-town. Sunburned faces, tired eyes and big smiles were proof enough that the day was worth it. Even I had fun and look forward to going back and heck, I may even consider camping...


Tuesday was our last day of school. This was the fastest school year ever. I am looking forward to an amazing summer - teaching summer school, doing lots of fun stuff with those I love most, hoping to plan a vacation and building a house. Sweet summertime ...