Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy summer

Memorial Day weekend comes just in time to get a nice, fresh taste of summer. Back in the day, it was the first official weekend of summer vacation. Times have changed but my love for the two month break has not.

Last year, Joey, my kids and the Posey's spent the day at Tyler State Park. That was such a great day, full of new memories. This year we had baseball games Friday night, pool parties Saturday and Sunday night and Monday, Memorial Day, was filled with random events. (The most exciting event, a trip to Walmart for pool filters and cokes. And, an elaborate dinner at Whataburger - and this doesn't mean we went through the drive-thru...we had a sit down dinner.)

The kids swam their hearts out two nights in a row. If my pool wasn't recovering from "going green", I think they would've spent even more time getting water logged.

The air was hot, the tornado watches and warnings were a few days past and the clouds were not heavy with rain. It was the perfect weather for some fun in the sun. And now, we anxiously go to school for just two more days until the events of this Memorial Day weekend become the norm for two and a half months.

Happy summer to all, and to all, a good tan.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a MAY zing

It's that time of year where things begin to get really busy for about a month. And the crazier it gets, the closer we get to summertime.

Here is my countdown list:

9 days of school:
- field day
- awards assemblies (x3)
- a read in
- an American Idol contest
- family picnics (x2)
- meetings to sit through for students (x4)
- coordinate and conduct the 5th grade talent show

12 more baseball games
9 more sets of team pictures with possibly 4 more to schedule
2 senior photo shoots

The only two days that we have to catch our breath are Wednesdays, Sundays and the occasional rain outs. I don't mind being busy, now that I have someone I can enjoy being busy with. And, if we can't be busy together, I always have him to talk about my busy with. Together, we coordinate, help with all the kids and know that everyone will get where they need to be and it will all work out somehow.

Clayson is growing up so fast. I can't believe he is finishing his 7th grade year. He has recently started complaining about his (previously injured) arm but the doctor says that it is just strained tendons and nothing to do with the surgery. That is good news. I have a feeling that he may be trying to lift too much weight in the weight room.

Trey has survived being in my class for almost a semester. I'm sure it's tough on a kid whose mom is there to tell him to tie his shoes and clean his ice cream moustache off his face every day.

Ashlyn is getting so sassy! I'm not sure what happened to my sweet little girl who now bosses her brothers around, answers for me and has to be in the middle of every conversation with her two cents. Her attitude may have changed and she might be getting big teeth but she still loves her momma :)

Joey and I are still doing great. I never knew such a perfect relationship could exist. We have not had one fight or disagreement. I've learned, (the hard way), that it's so much easier to just go with the flow. We live day to day, knowing that things are good between us with no worries. That's something worth smiling about - every single day.

The month has been aMAYzing and as it draws to a close, the ending brings sunny, hot, new beginnings. Bring on summer '11. We are ready.