Monday, December 13, 2010

it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Stressed.Overwhelmed.Behind.Yep, it's Christmas time. It seems like one day you wake up and, BAM, it's the middle of December. You remember last Christmas like it was yesterday and yet it was almost a year ago. I used to think that some days just fly by, now I am starting to think that about years, too.

I love this season, yet it makes me crazy. If I stop to think about how little shopping I have done, I worry. If I stop to think about what to get everyone, I go blank. If I stop to think about all of the things that have to be "in place" (Christmas tree, presents wrapped), I get overwhelmed. But, when I stop and take time to enjoy the smiles, the laughter, the friends, the kids and know that by December 25th what's done will be done and what's not won't make or break the holiday, I remember that I am blessed. I am too blessed to be stressed, I keep reminding myself of that.

Here's what's happened in the month of December, so far.

SantaLand: While on a quick "road trip" we stopped in Lindale to drive through this land of lights. What normally has you backed up on the service road for an hour, had not one car in line or one car going through. We took our time, enjoyed the Christmas music, shopped in the gift shop and even sat in Santa's lap.

Kid pictures: epic fail. I really should get someone else to take their pictures and I probably should not wait until just before dark to decide that it's now or never if I want to send out Christmas cards with their picture on it. I gave it my best shot and, as I like to say, it is what it is.

(I'm not ready to post these pictures yet but will be soon as I mail out my cards.)

Shopping marathon: Joey and I devoted Saturday to a day of shopping, trying to knock out as much as possible to at least have something wrapped under the tree. He did better than I did - his kids gave him a list. Me, I did some random shopping and better keep my receipts for random returns. We enjoyed the day together at Grapevine Mills, Toys R Us, Bass Pro Shop,the Whataburger drive-thru and the WalMart.

Naughty or Nice party: I was ready to bail on the party that I had been planning for a month. Why does everything seem like fun until it's actually time for it? I didn't bail and we had a BLAST! So many friends and so many laughs. And, of course, I capitalize on photo opportunities.

Family Christmas #1: Every year we get together with my Papaw's sister's family. This year we went to Ennis. There are so many people there and always a lot of fun. Poor Kayla got sick so we left a little earlier than everyone else. The girls could not wait to open their presents, Trey opened his while the "cool" 13 year olds, Clayson and Matt, checked his out before opening their same gift. They decided it was worth tearing into and headed straight outside to rev up their RC cars. And, only one broke in the first 20 minutes, I'd say it was $10 well spent.

So far, so good on the Christmas season ... I look forward to making 2010 the most wonderful time of the year because there are still many fun things left on our agenda.