Monday, March 5, 2012

brought to you by the letter B

This blog is brought to you by the letter "B".

B is for bunch.

Every other weekend, we have our kiddos from Wednesday until Monday. Wednesdays are usually situational, getting everyone back in the groove. Thursday nights are filled with baseball and soccer practice. This has normally been our family game night but with two practices sneaking into the schedule, this may need to be moved to Wednesdays. Our current favorites are Farkle (a dice game) and dance off (random music and random dancing around the living room). Friday nights, there is no agenda to follow. It's sometimes nice to grab dinner and find an activity that everyone enjoys but with the start up of 8:00 Saturday morning baseball practices, I have a feeling this may turn into another semi-early night. That's okay with me, by this time I can barely function and the kids are tired, too. Saturdays include the early baseball practice and Ashlyn's soccer games. It is so great to have all three boys on the same baseball team and even better that Joey is the coach. I let him run the morning show while the girls and I get our beauty sleep. Sundays are currently becoming 'Sunday Fundays'. The only requirement is that everyone is in bed by 10:00. Usually, that is not a problem. -we have worn ourselves out by then.

When there are this many involved, it's trial and error, go with the flow, be spontaneous and don't sweat the small stuff. I like to plan and organize but I have also learned that it is okay to venture away from routine, and that is just keepin' it real.

B is for bowling.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Ennis for bowling and pizza. I have to share our good deals with you because when you take this many out to entertain, B for budgeting, is a must. Pizza Hut offers box meals for $9.99 - this includes a large rectangle pizza, 5 breadsticks and 5 cinnamon sticks. We ordered two of these and had leftovers. Pizza Hut total for seven = $26. From there we went to the bowling alley. They had a special that we could play until 1:00am closing for $50 and this included shoes. We had two lanes for four hours. The girls were on one lane with bumpers and, because I am competitive, I played with the guys. By the end of the night, Ashlyn was sound asleep across two chairs and the boys were playing in her place- the bumpers gave them self-confidence. Most of them crashed out on the way home. We were excited about all of the fun that we had, especially the kids, and the fact that it only cost us $80. I am all about having fun and saving money. If only I could learn to be a couponer...

B is for baseball.

I have already mentioned the boys and their baseball but this baseball pertains to our most recent outing. Sunday morning, Joey cooked breakfast, we ate and then we all got busy doing different things. The girls printed off smoothie recipes and made them (they were good), Joey and I worked on organizing the garage, Clayson and Matt milled around - hoping not to be asked to do anything and Trey was with Mimi and Pawpaw. Around 4:15, we halted all activities, walked away from messes and loaded up in the vehicles for some family and friends baseball. We went up to the ball field for two hours of fun. The girls enjoyed batting, the boys, Joey, Billy, Lisa and I got in a little fielding and batting while my dad was the all-time pitcher. We had so much fun! It was great exercise for the grown ups, big fun for the kids and great bonding for the family.

Back at the house, we showered, chowed on some ramen noodles/ frozen pizza/ leftover Genghis Grill and played our third game of Farkle.

B is for blessed.