Friday, July 30, 2010

barefoot & crazy

Six friends loaded up and flew on out to Riviera Maya, Mexico for four nights and three days of some fun in the sun. For now, here is our vacation in pictures. One day I hope to add words.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

just a blog

I honestly don't know where this blog is going, I just felt the urge to write one. I can almost guarantee that it will be random and pointless.

As my house is just a little more than a month away from being completed, I have thought of some things that relate.
*For one, I will have to try and remember how to cook. In all honesty, I have probably only cooked ten times in the last four months and that might be a stretch. Before we moved in with my parents, things were crazy and I was a bit depressed (due to circumstances and jerks) so it was sandwiches, cereal, oatmeal or whatever you could fix yourself. Since we have moved in with my parents, they cook some but we eat at Taco Casa more. You know it's bad when nothing sounds good anymore because you have abused all of the fast food restaurants. Convenience has totally taken over our lunch and dinner eating habits. I think I should stock up on Hamburger Helper so that I can ease myself back into the kitchen arena once I have a kitchen to cook in. Oh, and brownies - gotta have those for dessert and breakfast.
* I have continued to clean and do laundry throughout the past four months so that should not be too big of a problem. I'd rather do those chores than cook any day.
* It will be the first time that I am really on my own. After the divorce/ before the house sold, Jared was still there and when we moved out, I moved into the parent's house while the new one is being built. So, I look forward to being independent for the first time in 34 years. (I'm pretty sure that the one month I lived in a dorm doesn't count as being independent because I drove home from there at least two nights a week and every weekend). I won't have any "rules", anyone to answer to and if I don't make my bed - no one will be disappointed. Freedom, I can almost taste it. (Disclaimer: I am not saying any of this negatively towards my parents - they have graciously opened up their home to my kids and I and we are thankful to have spent this time with them.)
* Here I go again with having to come up with themes, color, decor, wants/needs. Didn't I just do all of this two years ago? Oh yeah, but this time I am not limited to dead animals and rustic stuff. I have been looking at "stuff" but the minute I start, I get overwhelmed and can't make a single decision. I sense a focus issue.
* I'm sure I will be moving in right about the time I start back to school. Timing isn't everything, I guess.

We stop by almost every day to see what's happening and are starting to see an end in sight. It's down to flooring, electric fixtures, appliances, pouring the driveway and sidewalks, bathroom countertops and other piddly stuff. Soon we will be making this house a home.

The house is the biggest event in our life but other than that we are still carrying on with the fun stuff - volleyball, friends, swimming, sleeping late and dating the boy. Most importantly, we are all still smilin'.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a birthday, a bachelorette party and the birth of a nation celebration

Here you will find three blogs for the price of one. I have fallen behind in my blogging, big time. I have found other things that take up my time and leave me no time to think and type such as: sand volleyball, swimming night and day, hanging with my boy, hanging with my friends, frequenting Taco Casa and doing things with the kids. We are super busy and having an awesome summer.

Blog #1:

Every year it gets harder and harder to believe that Ashlyn is turning that age. Seven seems like such a big number for such a little girl. She is closer to being a teenager than she was to being a baby. Okay, I don't want to think about that. We spent her birthday morning making a peace cake - because peace signs are her absolute favorite right now. For lunch she wanted El Fenix and the birthday sopapillas - with just the strawberries and whip cream, not the sopapilla. After lunch we did a little shopping and then she went to her daddy's house. Her birthday party was the following Friday at Chuck E. Cheese and she went through her tokens like crazy and picked out prizes that were broken before we left. Nevertheless, she had a great time with her friends.

Blog #2:

*bAChElOrEtTe PaRtY*
One of my best teaching friends, Sharon, is tying the knot and we are always looking for a reason to get together. We were excited to have the opportunity to hang out and get to see some friends that we haven't seen in a long time. Most of us met at the Holiday Inn to talk and get ready for the big night of dinner and dancing. We laughed, we went through our suitcases until we found just the right thing to wear, we took pictures and we voted on dinner. I lost the vote for some steak (well really I just wanted the fried pickles) at Texas Land and Cattle to mexican food at Papasitas. I reminded myself that it wasn't my day :) Dinner was good - the homemade tortillas were amazing. We talked, laughed and took some more pictures. After dinner we went back to the hotel to freshen up our makeup and hair and then headed out to Red River. We spent hours at Red River - dancing, watching Sharon use her bachelorette coupons, people watching, taking pictures and laughing ... a lot. Back at the hotel, we were ready to crash. Being in bed at 1:45 might be a sign of aging. We had a great time and I think the bride-to-be enjoyed the event.

Blog #3:
*It's *Independence* Day*
The boys love the 4th of July. What's better than watching your money go up in flames with the lighting of a punk? The smiles and the danger could be considered money well spent ... by boys of all ages. We spent the 3rd of July at mom and dad's eating burgers and brownies and waiting for the sun to go down so that the sparks could fly. We also lit up the sky on the 4th of July at Joey's house with friends. Both nights were a lot of fun and left a lot of remains scattered all over the place.

I've run out of fuel to add many details on any of my blogs. You get the jist. Now, I can mark this off of my list of things to do.