Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home, Home on the Ranch

What started out as a wooded piece of land has now become a full-fledged ranch. Things are ever changing here. Our animals are increasing in numbers and variety. The seasons are trying to change. And the landscape is about to become 3D.

Our motherless lambs are thriving. They are growing, playing and always look forward to us coming at them with bottles. They have a fenced in area at the back of the ranch so that they have space to run and play. They also have a new friend. Roman, is a nine week old great white pyrenees. He has been brought in to protect the seven sheep from another tragedy. It's a sad deal because he is so cute and we cannot treat him like a pet. No one is allowed to touch him while he bonds with the sheep. I don't know if we will ever be able to treat him like a pet. Maybe Jennifer can give me some insight on this. So, we have seven sheep, two dogs, two random ducks that show up in the pond some days and three kids.

We are real excited about building our house. Jared is getting bids from the contractors while I decorate it in my mind. I am losing sleep because of all the thinking I do. Ive got colors picked out for rooms. a list of furniture we need and I am dying to go shopping. Jared and I seem to have very different opinions on styles. He says rustic, which I think of as country. I don't want wooden ducks or any blue gingham wallpaper but I do want cute primitive stuff. Hopefully we can compromise on this deal since I spend more time in the house. I think he has agreed to let me have the kitchen, dining room, Ashlyn's room and the jack-n-jill bathroom to decorate as I want. I'm hoping to gain the laundry room next. One room at a time....

So, things are changing. Whomever said, "change is good", was right on!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Since I've been gone

Hello y'all. Let me start by telling you where I have been the past month and will continue to be, for what appears to be, another two weeks. LAPTOPLESS. My laptop died and needs a new motherboard, which has been backordered. Now, the backorder is backordered - if that makes sense. February 22nd has now turned into March 3rd. If it's any longer than that I think they need to give me a rental. They do it for cars under warranty, why not computers? It is incredibly frustrating. I knew that I was addicted to myspace and blogging but I did not realize how many other ways that I use the internet at home - cooking ideas, shopping, Kidd Kraddick in the morning, etc. It was a good way to pass time in the love shack. I am getting things done but not any more than usual. I find myself bored these days and not to mention, in bed by 8:30 almost every night. But, I will have patience. Yes, I will.

Here are some things I have been thinking about blogging in my spare time.

The Princess:

* On the campaign trail: She is not voting for "Heery" (Hillary) or "El Bamo" (Obama). Instead, she wants to vote for Tony Romo.
* She recently decided that she would sell me in a garage sale so that she can marry her daddy. She said that the people that bought me would think they were getting a big t
oy in a box but instead, it would be a momma for sale.
* She is signed up for tee-ball. I hope that she is more active here than in
soccer. I have taken on the role as coach.
* Don't hold it against me, but she likes to watch Ellen everyday.

* It makes me real sad to think that she is approaching five and will start school in just six months. Where does the time go?

Mini - Jared:
* He now looks me eye to eye. He is so very tall.
* He is signing up for baseball. He's a good baseball player.
* The bigger he gets, the bigger his attitude gets.
* He seems to be girl crazy...already wanting to go on "dates".

The Couch Potato:

* He is playing Little Dribblers basketball. He is right handed but dribbles with his left. He may be small but he is quick and makes baskets. Some may call him a "ball hog" because he never passes. He dribbles and shoots from wherever he is stopped. Basketball just might be his sport.

Lucky (the dawg)
* Loves when we have parties, he hangs out like he is human * Is obsessed with balls - can jump so high to try and get them. He shreds baseballs to the core.

Louie & Bronco (the donkeys):

* Are for sale. They are at the sale as I type.
The Sheep:

Tragedy strikes. On February 9th, one of the sheep had two lambs. That night, this brand new mom was killed by what may have been a german shepherd. Evidently, there was an attack during our Valentine party and we heard the commotion. We were able to find these two newborn babies and bring them into the shop. Jared created a kennel area (with hay) inside the shop. Five to six times a day, we bottle feed these lambs. Yes, I have even gotten in on the raising. Ashlyn thinks she is their mom. She takes good care of them. Clayson is learning responsibility through this. When Jared is at the fire station he has to make sure that all the animals are taken care of. He has named the lambs Kylie and Oreo. Trey could take it or leave it, he is not much for having to do many chores. These babies are thriving. Feel free to come to our petting zoo.

The Mom and Dad

Jared and I are doing great. We have learned to communicate about our lives and not just about the kids. Some of you may know what big progress this is. We enjoy being with our friends and having parties at the love shack :)

* On a HUGE note, it looks like we will be starting our house real soon
. We've completed the bank paperwork and are looking for a builder to sign and let us do the contracting and work ourselves. Jared says he thinks he has found someone, yea! He has flagged the property for the slab and carport. It is getting to be exciting. My mind is filled with thoughts, ideas, colors, furniture. I look forward to having a "project". And, I can honestly say that this house will be built with love and no matter what, it will be the house of my dreams. I've learned that material things are not what make you happy. It's how you live your life and what you make of the things you have. I look forward to things to come and hope to post again soon!
I have to show the roses I got for Valentine's Day.